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About Seasons at Home: food family friends and style

""Country Style readers may well be familiar with Holly's genius as a gardener. Seasons at Home launches her as Australia's own domestic goddess. It has recipes, deliriously lovely flowers and all that makes a home beautiful." Annabel Lawson in Country Style.


This latest both practical and inspiring. Filled with her beautiful photoraphs....with lots of easy to follow recipes...and some delightful surprises...Holly conveys her passion for using local seasonal proudce, working with nature and getting back to basics." Gina Hetherington in Gardening Australia

What the papers say about "The Constant Gardener"

"..the text covers an extraordinary range of plants suitable for Australia: photographs of great English gardens and their Australian counterparts; recipes; problem solving tips; and chapters devoted to most garden topics you can think of...the indexing is meticulous, and any gardener would get pleasure and relaxation by escaping into Holly Kerr Forsyth's world of gardens."
The Newcastle Herald

" is littered with stunning photograph and lots of inspiring information. A fantastic Christmas gift idea for a gardener of any ability."
The West Australian

"..there are gardening books and there are gardening books and this one is full of wonderful prose and important information to enthral constant gardeners."
The Melbourne Age

"Our panel are unanimous on this one: all gardening lovers should head straight for Holly Kerr Forsyth's The Constant Gardener for all of these reasons: "it's a gardening bible"; "it's a stunning coffee table book as well as practical"; and "it has full colour illustrations, a clear, articulate text, is intelligently laid out, and is a model of what a useful reference book should be."
The Sunday Telegraph

What the papers say about "Remembered Gardens"

"Displayed beautifully throughout the book are more than 200 photographs of some of Australia's best gardens, as well as others in England that are historically linked to the featured women. The author obviously research her subjects meticulously, but her learning is worn lightly and the reader's senses are never dulled by dreary repetition of facts."
The Courier Mail

"....this is a joyful commemoration of the role of women in our rich garden heritage. Treat yourself or a friend."
The Weekend Australian

"... a rich and beautiful book on the country gardens of eight women for whom the vision of an Australian landscape was a driving force."
Vogue Living

"Subtexts developed throughout the book are just as interesting as the central discussion: Holly Kerr Forsyth looks at the garden as a repository of meaning."
Reflections, The National Trust Quarterly

What the papers say about "Seasons In My House and Garden"

“The prose and information is quite brilliant and the photography superb. Please congratulate Holly on another outstanding creation – an inspiring work of art…… This book is an absolute classic.”
Gardening guru Peter Cundall

 “It is practical, clever and beautiful, all at the same time, with photographs taken by HKF herself.”
The Wentworth Courier

 “Renowned gardening expert Holly Kerr Forsyth enjoys all the seasons in her home and garden….”
Australian House and Garden

 “Garden expert Holly Kerr Forsyth opens up her private sanctuary to The Weekly and shares the secret to creating the perfect spring garden.”
Australian Womens Weekly

And, From Walter McVitty, Publisher and Author:

"Hi Holly, I've just been dipping into your new book and, more and more, I am absolutely gobsmacked by it: a treasury of ideas and information surrounded by the most  amazingly gorgeous photos. It is one of the most beautiful books I have ever seen, a superb achievement, a stunning example of style with substance. I'm overwhelmed."