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A Constant Gardener™ , Dr Holly Kerr Forsyth, PhD, is passionate about communicating her love of gardens - through her Australian gardening books - with garden book readers throughout Australia, and around the world. She travels widely, leading small groups of garden lovers to her favourite places; photographing plants and gardens for her gardening books - and landscapes, and interviewing, and chatting with, gardeners in all climates and cultures.

Find out about Holly's garden books; about visiting gardens around the world with Holly, and about purchasing her photography.

Find out when and where you can meet Holly, and hear her speak.

Holly’s gardening books, Christmas cards and photography are available for purchase at the online store.

More about Holly...

Holly's First fiction work.

This novella explores a slice of life more often seen on the pages of glossy magazines – and the cost of that life in reality.

THE RELUCTANT SPY is a sumptuous trip from Sydney to Sri Lanka – one that shows no paradise is ever quite what it seems.


"Rachel is the powerhouse behind the star-studded Butterfly Ball, a fundraiser for causes in Sydney and Sri Lanka. She also runs a busy PR company.
Then tragedy strikes, when Adrian is killed in a freak accident – leaving her in overwhelming grief and in debt.
But when the stars align for a fresh start in Sri Lanka, will Rachel have the courage to take a chance on herself and discover what riches really mean?"


The Reluctant Spy

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